Specific Components Ltd.

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RoHS Compliance Testing

Specific components can check that your components are Rohs compliant by identifying the five banned substances as listed by the Rohs directive. To achieve this we have a sophisticated X-ray fluorescence measuring system: the XDAL Fisherscope. Using this machine we offer scans on single components and their individual parts at a reasonable cost, assuming simple access to constituent parts of adequate size is possible.

The test comprises of two parts: -

1) Identification of main chemical elements making up each constituent part of the sample.

2) A second scan tests for Chromium, Bromine, Cadmium, Mercury and Lead (the Rohs banned substances) followed by a series of verification scans.

We hope that this service will assist you in making your decision on whether or not your components comply with the Rohs Directive.

Please contact us for further information.